Bad sectors and data recovery

If you start receiving a messages like "Cyclic Redundancy Error" or "CRC" and if the number of those messages grows over time there is a great possibility that your hard drive developed a bad sectors. A bad sector is a a small portion on a hard drive that is damaged and not accessible. It can be detected by Windows utility "ScanDisk". The Operating System will "turn off" those damaged sectors and hard drive will continue to work, but bad sectors often mean that the hard drive is near the end of its life and they tend to accumulate over time. The data consisted within bad sectors are damaged, hard drive may become slow and sluggish. The data contained within such bad sectors may, or may not be recovered successfully. It is important to know that running a supplied Microsoft utilities like Chckdsk or Scandisk may not be a very good idea in the case of severe accumulation of bad sector on an old drive. Before running Free Data Recovery Software backup your data to avoid further data lost. Bad sectors can be serious, drive failing condition with unpredictable recovery results which depends on the severity of the condition, state of a hard drive, existence of parity bits and other factors, so before running a software like Free Data Recovery Software always take precaution by making a backup of your HDD.